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JULY 2022

NEW Marketing Partner 

for SBE Members:

Introducing Effective Media Solutions as our first 2023 Annual Conference Sponsor and new partner to SBE! 

Effective Media Solutions provides the Best HVAC & Service Industry Marketing Strategies that will GROW your business!

We are also excited to have them do a marketing session at the conference! (see more below)

Get an exclusive 20% discount as an SBE Member HERE

Newly Released Session for Owners/Managers at the Conference:

  • Effective Media Solutions: Back to the Future of HVAC & Service Industry Marketing - Are you stuck in the past?

* If a member brings a non-member to the conference, the member will get $1,000 off one ticket. 

** If that non-member signs up for SBE they will get $1,000 off their first month in the program.



SBE's Member Portal moved to

If you visit the old site after 7/1/22 you will be redirected to the new site. In an effort to keep all things SBE in one simple place for our members, this was an easy choice! 

If you have any questions on how to navigate the new portal, please contact Jamie Harris at



SBE's Dropbox filled with useful documents, videos, and resources is currently under construction to make it easy for you access these great resources. A demo video is coming soon. 

If you have any questions on how to find something in the Playbook or need access, please contact us at


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