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Happy Tuesday Sales & Service Champions!

Top 4 Tuesday:

1. 1st to $1,000,000/ Current 2020 Rankings

2. The Little Things That Make Employees Feel Appreciated 

3. Where all the cool people hang out

4. SBE Recommendations 

We asked Justin some questions about how it feels to be #1, how he got there and how long he’s been working in the field. READ FULL Q&A

US: What did it take for you to get to #1?

JUSTIN: "It takes a lot of hard work long days and doing things others are not willing to do to take care of customers. I would say the biggest thing is my support system and our team at Russells none of it would be possible without them. I could not ask for a better team."

Keep up the great work Justin! Let's get you the Above & Beyond Award at the 2021 Super Conference!

The Little Things That Make Employees Feel Appreciated

If managers could make a far broader group of employees feel appreciated, the benefits would be considerable. Adam Grant and Francesca Gino have found that when people experience gratitude from their manager, they’re more productive. Another researcher recently found that teams perform tasks better when their members believe that their colleagues respect and appreciate them. READ MORE

Where all the cool people hang out 

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